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Porsche of Warwick Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Jason K. | Connecticut | 2018-02-17

Kristina and the whole team at Porsche of Warwick are top notch. Absolutely no high-pressure sales tactics. Comfortable experience from beginning to end. They even went above and beyond after the sale to correct an issue that I encountered on the used car I bought. They picked my car up from my home, fixed it, and returned it! They exceeded my expectations at every turn. I highly recommend them!

Michael Gray | RI | 2016-05-30

Kristina was very helpful. I greatly appreciate her patience and her dedication in locating a vehicle that met my requirements. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly. I never felt the uncomfortable feeling one can get in a high pressure sales situation that has happened to me in the past when purchasing a car. The process of purchasing went smoothly and quickly and I am grateful.

John F. | RI | 2016-05-30

Just a quick note to say how pleased I was with the service and help I received from Kirk and Denis. Kirk went above and beyond to secure the “car of my dreams” and Denis did more that an excellent job getting the financing to agree with my budget. I WILL definitely recommend Porsche of Warwick to any and all who ask…Hey, Where’d you buy that car???

Thanks for an enjoyable car buying experience

David Michael | RI | 2015-06-17

"I would like to thank Carlos for the time he took to talk to me today about Porsche. His level of expertise and attention to detail is unmatched by anyone I have spoken to about buying a Porsche. Thanks again Carlos and I will be in touch soon."

JD Rhodes | RI | 2015-06-17

"What a wonderful experience! This is the best car buying experience we have ever had! Carlos was a delight to work with-never have I parted with so much and had so much fun in the process! That is a special experience and I recommend it to anyone interested in a special experience. You can buy a car or you can buy a Porsche. Carlos gave us the experience of buying a Porsche and my wife loves it so much now she only wants to buy Porsches and only from Porsche of Warwick! That is skill, and Porsche of Warwick has it in spades. Well done Porsche of Warwick. We could have shopped at our local Porsche dealer but Porsche of Warwick gave me a reason to take a drive and we have not regretted it! The place in NE to buy a Porsche!"


DV HO | RI | 2015-06-17

My wife and I just finished our purchase of a 2015 Macan S which is absolutely amazing. Carlos our sales person and the whole staff at Warwick made it worth our 5 hour (one way) trip to pick up our car. The whole staff was extremely friendly, actually FUN to deal with and helped us above and beyond. We stayed in Providence on the advise of Tamatha, the sales manager. She picked a hotel for us and even wrote a list of things to do and restaurants to go to. We WILL make that trip again to get service and we Will buy our next car there. The Porsche dealers in my area (N.E.P.A.) need to start getting with it like these people are. I JUST CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS except THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!"

John & Steph S. | RI | 2015-02-09

"Carlos, we just wanted to let you know we are enjoying the Cayenne VERY much and are highly recommending your dealership to all of our friends. Every person we talked to was fantastically and genuinely nice . First dealership we have ever been to where we had no frustrations with the game of back and forth numbers, you were very straightforward and that's what we wanted. Please do let everyone know that you all are great and your kindness and efforts are appreciated and made our experience enjoyable. Thank you to you and everyone else on your team!"


Mag3 | RI | 2015-01-28

"Kristina is AWESOME. Fantastic experience partnering with her. I never felt "sold to" or rushed. She's truly an ambassador for the brand and a great partner to help me fulfill a dream. She clearly loves the brand, loves and deeply knows her product, and has continually gone out of her way to help me. I tell anyone interested in exploring the Porsche brand to talk to her first. Dave Maynard, the parts manager, was fantastic. He's patiently answered any questions I've had and I never felt like I was being forced to purchase something or that helping me was wasting his time. Very friendly and professional."

Roy | RI | 2014-12-28

"A truly exceptional buying experience. . . . . Kristina Paris and Lindsay Ciavattone are both outstanding professionals and my brief visit to your dealership was a pleasure. Even though I live more than 400 miles away, I would actually consider buying another Porsche in Warwick."

Nancy Gray | RI | 2014-11-30

"I purchased my Porsche 2014 Cayenne because of the quality of interaction I had with Kristina - she was a consummate professional in terms of her knowledge about the vehicle and she was a true pleasure to meet. Her colleague Lindsay was equally excellent and both made the process of purchasing a new car straighforward and pleasant. I highly recommend working with both of them if you visit the showroom."


Dan R. | WI | 2014-09-09

"We bought our car without being able it see it in person. Kristina was very helpful answering questions about the car and how we would purchase being a long distance away in Wisconsin. We flew into Providence and were very happy to have Dylan pick us up at the airport and drive us to the dealership where our car was waiting. The purchase process was smooth and we enjoyed our 19 hour drive back to WI in our new car!"


Mark Benedict | RI | 2014-07-02

"Excellent. Everyone was great. Kirk knows Porsche inside and out and his love for the brand is contagious. Very easy to deal with, price was right, and he even had some Porsche goodies for the kids in the trunk... Great to get my wife "on the team!" We're still reciting all the "Kirk-isms!!" Dylan was fantastic and patient on both the test drive and explaining the tech on the car to my wife. Lindsay was very easy to deal with and very thorough, I got in and out very quickly. The Panamera is just amazing!"

Dave Tacelli | RI | 2014-06-14

The experience was fantastic. Both Kirk and Lindsay were excellent to deal with. I'm looking forward to doing business with them for a long time. Great job Kirk and Lindsay!"

Steve F. | RI | 2014-05-05

"My experince working with Kristina and Lindsay was very positive. Each of them were very helpful, answering all my questions and working with me to make my purchase possible. They were understanding of my concerns, especially in regards to the low mileage on this older vehicle and the relatively short warranty. It was an enjoyable day, overall. Many thanks to both Kristina and Lindsay!"


Walter | RI | 2014-04-12

"I've been to many dealerships and dealt with a variety of personnel, Porsche of Warwick is among the finest I have ever had the privilege of which to interact. Kristina Paris was professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Her level of engagement with me as a potential customer was exactly right, not too forward, yet available and sensitive to my particular circumstances. Kristina has an innate sense of tact and discretion in customer management and interaction.....A pleasure to work with her and Porsche of Warwick. Thank You."

Francisco H. | RI | 2014-04-12

"I just want to say thank you Kristina and Lindsay, all my questions were answered with deep professionalism, sincere kindness and unlimited knowledge. You ladies are great at what you do and a wonderful people to deal with, I'm very happy with my experience with Porsche of Warwick. Most definitely be back there and recommend this dealership to all the people that I know,thank you again Kristina and Lindsay."


Steve S. | NJ | 2014-04-04

"Exceeded my expectations - I have been purchasing automobiles for over 35 years and this was by far the best dealership experience I have ever encountered. The salesperson, Kristina, was warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. Her 'Montana' type personality was a refreshing change from the prototypical northeast car salesperson. The negotiating process was ethical and professional. Kristina went above and beyond by spending a great deal of time with me ensuring that I was comfortable and familiar with the features and operations of the vehicle. Lindsay was also delightful to work with and contributed to the outstanding experience. The trip up from northern NJ was well worth the drive and I would highly recommend Porsche of Warwick."


Mikael K. | RI | 2014-03-17

"Very satisfied with my experience. After about a year of research, a few test-drives, and a couple of organized Porsche club events, there was only one car that stood out from the rest. So I stuck with my plan and a year later, I just can't seem to get this smile off my face! Thank you Porsche of Warwick."


Richard Rothstein | RI | 2013-11-23

"A+. Perfect. Kristina and Lindsay were incredible! First time Porsche buyer. Answered all my questions... and I had a lot! Great service, knowledgeable, professional, patient, and courteous. Made me feel like a winner! A true first-class sales experience. Even though I live 300+ miles away, I'll be back to buy more cars -- that's how great my experience was."

Wayne B. | RI | 2013-11-23

"My experience with Porsche of Warwick was the best I've ever encountered with any automobile dealership. They truly met/exceeded my expectations in every way. Hats off to David and Lindsay who were outstanding and a credit to this fine business establishment. I highly recommend them and this dealership."

Ken Bowden | RI | 2013-10-08

"Twist, I didn't buy the car. I did however work with Kristina Paris who knows the cars, is customer-first focused and is an excellent listener. Bottom line you can trust Kristina and the dealership. Why? No questions asked when I asked to have my $500 deposit returned saying only "call us again when you're ready". I plan to!"


Walter McLaughlin | RI | 2013-09-09

"We recently purchased a 2013 Cayenne S from Porsche of Warwick. First of all, our salesperson, Kristina Paris was terrific. She really sold the car. I'm still having trouble navigating the radio between AM/FM/Sat but Kristina can no doubt straighten me out on that. Overall, I love the car. I like it's power but most of all the fact that we own a Porsche is due to Kristina Paris. She's a good representative for Porsche. We also enjoyed all the other folks at the dealership who made our experience pleasant."

David Stebbing | RI | 2013-09-07

I recently purchased a 2014 Cayman from Inskip and must say it was the best car buying experience I have had in many years. Kristina Paris is a delightful, professional and knowledgeable sales consultant and was a pleasure to deal with, Thank you !"

Joel Kaplan | RI | 2013-09-06

Just wanted to comment on my sales rep Kristina Paris. I bought a 2011 Porsche Panamera from her and she happened to be the best auto sales rep I have ever had after buying many, many cars. She has gone out of her way for me before the sale and even after the sale. I think she deserves some sort of accommodation for this excellent service."


Steve Rossi | RI | 2013-09-06

"I have known Kirk Stingle now for almost 20 years, and without a doubt he is the best salesman I have ever met in ANY industry for two main reasons; his unbelievable knowledge of the brand and he actually cares. I have owned many new cars over the years, mostly BMWs & Merecedes, but I did buy my first new Porsche 911 from Kirk back in 2000. Being a car freak, I enjoyed it for about year and moved on to anther high end brand. Over the past 13 years, I would visit the showroom every few months to say hello and grab a coffee together. For various reasons, Kirk knew it was just not the right time for me to own another Porsche, so there was never that "salesman" push, because he actually cares. I am extremely happy to say that about a month ago, I stopped in to just say hello and catch up. Their was a beautiful white Panamera sitting on the showrom floor and after some discussion, we both decided that now, 13 years later, it was the "right" time to come back to Porsche. Kirk stayed in touch and stayed a friend all those years knowing that possibly some day I would be back in the finest brand in the world. So, if you just want to buy a Porsche, go buy it from anyone or any dealer, BUT if you want one of the most knowledgeable professionals I have ever met, one who truly cares about you and has a unique way to make you feel that you are now part of the Porsche family, go visit Kirk."


Jon Goldman | RI | 2013-09-06

"I just purchased my 5th Porsche from Kirk last week (2014 diesel Cayenne). This is my third Cayenne. I also own a 911GTS (my 2nd 911). You have to have both to cover all weather and driving situations! Life is good! My experiences at Porsche in Warwick are always exemplary. I don't think that I am much different from other Porsche customers in that we are purchasing vehicles at the top of the food chain and expect to be treated to equal service and Kirk Stingle provides that experience. He is unusual in the premium car market in that he not only talks the talk but he walks the walk - he owns and drives Porsches. His knowledge of the product line is unequaled in my experience. Never any pressure, this facility is an enjoyable experience for having service (always scheduled by the way in my experience - another great Porsche feature, reliability, no surprises with Porsche) buying an apparel item or, the ultimate, getting your newest family addition - a new Porsche. I'm rambling but if you couldn't tell, I love my Porsches' and my Porsche dealership where I always feel welcome and appreciated."

John Edwards | RI | 2013-09-05

"We love our new Porsche Boxster--truly a perfect automobile. Kirk and team were outstanding to work with making the buying process enjoyable. Kirk is extremely knowledgeable about the dynamic aspects of owning and driving Porsche automobiles. I truly enjoy his passion concerning the Porsche driving experience--thankfully I now share it."

Cynthia Sylvestre | RI | 2013-09-04

"My husband and I recently purchased a Porsche Cayenne from Porsche of Warwick - and I must say that it was, without a doubt, the easiest, most seamless car purchase I've been involved in. From the moment my 2 children and I walked into the showroom to the time we drove away in the Cayenne (all paperwork completed, deal closed!), only ~90 minutes elapsed! Time is at a premium and I was so appreciative that Lindsay and David did not impose unnecessary delays or 'play games'. I knew what I wanted and was motivated to make a quick decision - this was then met with equally rapid action from the Porsche of Warwick team who then responded beautifully and without delay. David and Lindsay were wonderful!!! I would recommend the dealership to anyone searching for a quality Porsche buying experience. We will definitely be repeat customers....."


Blythe Sanford | NJ | 2013-08-28

"This is only the 2nd Porsche Boxster I have bought and I can not tell you how happy I was working with Kristina and Lindsay. They both were extremely professional, courteous, and on top of things. They got right back to me with any questions I had, and took care of any issues I had in a timely manner. I live in NJ and they made the process so easy and smooth. My next car, I will be going to Kristina and Lindsay instead of going to my local dealer."

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